Date: 11/1/2013

I like to use a paradigm based on the introduction to the Classic  "Orchos Tzadikim".  In order to accomplish anything, one needs 3 things: a Goal, a Plan, and Effort.  To achieve these areas I use NLP tools and techniques as follows:   

Goal  Without a goal nothing can start.  Trying to achieve something without a goal is like trying to find Joe but you don't know how he looks.   You may bump into him several times but you won't "find" him . So, the first thing is to define a goal in the area you want to work on.

 This is not as easy as it sounds.  Some people think they know what they want, but what they think is not what they really want.   Other people are out of touch with themselves and don't know what they really want in life. Other people choose goals that are not truly meaningful because they are afraid of attempting something more ambitious, etc. 

Plan    How to reach that goal. Trying to accomplish without a plan is like knowing what Joe looks like but not knowing how to get to the city he is in.  You will wind up driving everywhere and never find him.   I will teach you decision making techniques to decide on the best plan.

Effort    Not putting in the needed effort is like knowing what Joe looks like, knowing exactly how to get there, but never finding him because you are not willing to get in the car and drive there. Or, you lose interest in the middle of the trip and turn back.   Or, you give up when the going gets rough.

Following through on your plan is the greatest challenge for most people.  I will teach you how to motivate yourself as well as tools how to follow through. We will speak to each other on a regular basis so that you are accountable for your actions to achieve your goal.  If you are not achieving it, we figure out why not and decide on what changes have to be made to achieve it. 


Do it in a small group...

Find a friend or colleague or a small group that you want to work with...

Then you and I will meet and I will teach you how to coach each other.  

At our sessions I will  teach you the two basic coaching skills you will need

          1) How to brainstorm ideas together and choose the best ones to achieve your goals

          2) How to assist each other to follow through on them.    


We can work together on the phone or on Skype if it is more convenient for you. 

To schedule an appointment contact me by phone: 052-763 7029 or by email: