Thank you so much for your wonderful, practical seminar.  You have an excellent outline and manner of presentation.  

Dr Howard Pielet
Telz Stone, Israel

"The seminar was done very professionally and the presentation was great!  I could see that you really cared about the teaching of the material and that the participants understood it."

Menucha Rotkovitch
Business Consultant
Jerusalem, Israel

"Very good seminar, good atmosphere, good humour, good course material, well presented, very useful..."

Haim Ben Shlomo
Electric Project Supervisor, Art Gallery Owner
Jerusalem, Israel

"It was a wonderful workshop.  I had a great opportunity to reflect on my ultimate goals in life.  I wish you great success!!"

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Author, Lecturer
Jerusalem, Israel

"Shlomo Kory is an amazing speaker and his information is VERY useful for all aspects of sales and negotiations. I took a 6 session NLP seminar with him and still use so much of the material in my business 'all day, every day'."
Alyssa Friedland
Owner, Remax-Capital
Jerusalem, Israel

"The course was very well organized and regimented. The written material was very instrumental in being able to review. Your patience and caring were exceptional. Thank you."
Shmuel Sohn
Efrat, Israel

"Shlomo Kory is a very talented teacher and the material was fascinating and given over in a way that made it easy to absorb and practise."
Yeshai Levy
Jerusalem, Israel

"An excellent course!"
Rabbi Moshe Hamra
Rav of Kehilla
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Shlomo Kory has a way of giving over information in a precise and genuine way. He leads you step by step through the process of healing and change."
Aaron Lerch
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
Antwerp, Belgium

"Very good atmosphere. Presented in an interesting way and at a good pace."
Yitzchak Brest
Jerusalem, Israel

"Never before have I been so aware of how my values affect my performance.  Thank you for a great course!"

Yaakov Ben Shushan
Video Editor