Learn NLP...Your Way

Learn NLP...Your Way

Date: 11/2/2013

If you would like to learn NLP for your business,  your school,  your organization, or if you are a group of interested individuals... 


I will design a fascinating NLP seminar that suits your needs!


YOU CHOOSE:  the topics, the class size, who will attend, the number of sessions, the location and time, the language (English or Hebrew)...

Topics include:

-----Inter-Personal Communications Skills

-----Techniques and Language Patterns for Therapists, Counselors, Coaches

-----Principles of Motivation

-----Stress Management

-----Gaining more Mastery of Emotional States

-----Goal Achievement and Personal Development

-----Teaching and Public Speaking Skills

Available on Skype!

To schedule an appointment contact me by phone: 052-763 7029 or by email: shlomokory@gmail.com