Courses by Shlomo Kory on CD, MP3, and Cassette Tape

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 "Conversation Skills"   Some people seem to make conversation so easily while others find it to be such a struggle.  Here is a simple method anyone can learn to converse naturally and comfortably.   (Time: 1 hour and 12 minutes)

  • one CD: $4.95 (in Israel: 15 NIS)

"How to Communicate with Almost Anyone" Topic: inter-personal communication. The title describes what the tapes will teach you. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a business person or just interested in improving your social skills, this course will upgrade your effectiveness as a communicator to levels you did not think possible!  (Time: almost 3 hours)

  • one MP3 with booklet :  $11.95   (in Israel: 35 NIS) 
  • MP3 only--$8.95 ( In Israel: 25 shekel)

"NLP Counseling Skills" Topic: How to talk to people about their problems. This is a user-friendly course designed for business people, teachers, parents, professionals and anyone who need skills to positively influence those around them. Also includes a section on helping underachievers and people with ADHD. (Time: almost 3 hours)

  • two audio cassette tapes: $7.95 (In israel:  25 shekels) 


  • "Motivation, Decisions and Goals" Topic: NLP tools for personal development Includes decision making, creating motivation, planning and following through on your goals, changing unwanted behaviors, and breaking habits. Essential NLP techniques explained simply and clearly for people who want to improve themselves in different areas of their lives. Also includes tips on weight reduction and stress management. (Time: almost 90 minutes)
  • one audio cassette tape: $4.95   (In israel:  15 shekels)  (available only in Hebrew )

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